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Hey there! Welcome to my patreon! My name is Jaya, or Zakuru...whatever you prefer. I rekindled my passion with making comics and I'm starting one here, Deliver Us!
His home ravished and left to care for his siblings, Mareo searches for the means to survive. As the world grows more cold and cruel, he wears a smile for his younger siblings and for himself, as he struggles to keep his sanity in check and find answers to why his home now looks at him with scorn and resentment.

With your support I'll be able to focus on making comics again and update regularly! Those who have access will be 4 pages ahead of the rest of the world! 
But there's more! With higher tiers you can get access to private streams and even sketches of yours truly. My goal is to pump out 5 comic pages a month, which means just about 8 streams as well.
As the patreon grows in support, there will be plenty more opportunities and benefits to come!
Unable to be a patron? Hand me a tip over on Ko-fi! Or share this page on your social media! It really means a lot!
Cameo Disclaimer: Please do not pledge if you only want a cameo. This is only a small bonus and not everyone will get a chance. 

This comic will depict violence and gore. Viewer discretion is advised.
Avatar commissioned by Maiou
18 of 20 patrons
When I reach 20 followers, I'll open up a suggestion poll and start taking requests on streams!
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