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About Zamairiac

Hey there, Zamairiac here!

I've been an avid reader of all things fiction since I was a young boy. From Harry Potter to Lord of The Rings and everything in-between!

Nowadays I spend my time writing Fanfiction. My most popular topic is of course My Little Pony, but I've also written stories for Star vs The Forces of Evil, Digimon and even Doki Doki Literature Club. I'm always hoping to expand on my list of fiction, so this will likely expand as time goes on.

My eventual goal is to start writing my own book. I've got a few ideas panned out but for the moment, I'm very happy to continue writing Fanfiction for all who enjoy it.

So come and have a read, and if something tickles your fancy then feel free to stick around.

I have cookies.
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If we can make it to this rather lofty goal, I will happily give up work and focus on becoming a full time author. More time off, means more time to upload the stories you all enjoy!
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