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  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
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  • Everything everyone receives publicly!
  • Everything from the Trainer tier!
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About Jenny Polden

Hi! I’m Jenny Polden, AKA Zanny and welcome to my Patreon!

I have recently been kicked out of my family home, and essentially disowned by my family so now I am living with my friend and money is tight once again.

So I'm revamping my Patreon to cover my cost of living and rent, whilst also providing you all with art that you came to see!

So once per week I will post a picture that I worked on during that week for everyone to see, and backers can see the WIPs and sketches of the piece and other pieces I'm working on too!

As stated I'm living with a friend now and money is tight, so I am taking commissions, which you can find here [COMMISSIONS] and accepting donations via Ko-FI which you can find here [DONATIONS].

But I still want to give back to everyone who helps me, and that's where Patreon comes in! 
So with your help I can afford to pay rent, buy food and just live, whilst also gaining access to my artwork!

From works in progresses to sketches, to possible video creations to even getting free commissions once a month!

If you donate anything even just $1 a month, it will help me help me greatly towards my monthly rent, and hey if I reach $300 a month I can continue to work on A Roads Journey as a full time job without worrying where my next pay check will come from! 
But what will you get out of this I hear you calling? GLAD YOU ASKED!

Free for followers:
  • An art piece whenever I create them.

Paid reward tiers
  • My thanks!
  • Early access to A Roads Journey
  • WIPs of art works in progress (from sketches to WIPs to possible video creations?)
  • One commission per month (Chibi or headshot)
$21 of $300 per month
Covers rent and makes A Roads Journey and my comics my full time job!
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