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  • ALL TIERS: When you reach $100 in lifetime pledges, you'll get a free piece from me! (1 time only) 
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  • Get access to the CSP and Toon Boom files for images and gifs I make! (PSD available upon request.)
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  •  Access to any prior rewards! 
  •  ALL TIERS: When you reach $100 in lifetime pledges, you'll get a free piece from me! (1 time only) 
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This patreon is 18+ only and is charge up front.

You'll be charged immediately as well as when the next month starts. Please keep this in mind if you're pledging near the end of the month!

Current Big Projects:

  • Curly Brace: Hacked 3

What do you do?

  • I publish a bi-weekly webcomic, called PV02. This is SFW and stars my robot girl, Pivot
  • I publish animations, both adult and SFW.
  • I also draw a lot of things, both original and fanart, SFW and lewd.
  • I stream art a lot. Usually this is NSFW over Picarto, but I also stream to Youtube every Saturday.
  • Occasionally I make videos pertaining to art, flash tutorials, and character design.

Why should I pledge?

It's worth noting that this page is not a storefront or commission platform. It's to help move my projects forward, stuff that hopefully people want to see.
  • If you want to help me produce stuff and see WIPs and project updates, consider pledging!
  • Patrons also get full res versions of art, as well as early access to content. All content is eventually posted publicly, with a 1 week early access period for art pieces, and a 2 week early access period for animation.
  • The only things that are permanently locked behind patreon are stuff I wouldn't normally publish, such as source files or print-size images.
  • For loyal patrons who have cumulatively pledged $100 in total, they get a one-time request as well!

Where can I see what you've done?

I'm in a lot of places so you can follow me at your choosing!
  • PV02 (webcomic)
  • Youtube (streams, animations, tutorials, etc.)
  • Picarto (NSFW streams)
  • Newgrounds (includes NSFW animations as well as all art and gifs)
  • Twitter: [SFW] | [NSFW] (art, sketches, gifs)
All my content can be viewed for free at the sources above.

Pledging also reduces my reliance on commission work so I can focus on developing the things that I'm passionate about, and that I hope people enjoy.

What programs / equipment do you use?

This is here just cause it's a common question. I use Clip Studio Paint for art, the most recent version of Toon Boom Harmony 17 for animation, and on the rare occasion programs like Flash CS6 and After Effects CS6.
For my tablet I use an XP Pen Artist Pro 13.3.

Commission info (patrons only)
$1,674 of $2,222 per month
I'm finally making a semi-respectable income doing this!

I can pay collaborators better as well as take on riskier projects. I'm not sure what will come next from here but whatever it is, expect more of it. One big plan I have here is to hire a webmaster to help run the PV02 comic site and build it so I can get off of Wordpress
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