Zeenigami is creating a loving Twitch community

Cabin Boy

$1 /mo

  • Your name (or username) on the Supporter wall!  
  • If we're live, you'll also get a shout-out on stream!


$5 /mo

  •  All Above rewards 
  • Custom color username on Discord chat.
  • Access to the -super secret- subscriber channel on Discord.
  • Priority to any multiplayer games we may play.


$10 /mo

  • All above rewards
  • Help decide what games I play next in the Subscriber Discord channel
  • I will think about you 


$25 /mo

  • Get the above rewards
  • Be named in one of the games with nameable characters. 


$50 /mo

  • Get the above rewards
  • Voice shout-out at the end of Youtube videos, and at the beginning of our Twitch Streams!

Fleet Admiral

$100 /mo

  • Get the above rewards
  • I'll make a Perler bead piece of artwork just for you! Either a design you already found, or something that my wife, Journeybunny creates just for you.