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$1 /mo
Tier 1:
-Patrons will have early access to my videos and projects.

Thank you for the support ~Zekken_ZK

$10 /mo
Tier 2:
-Patrons will have Access to the servers when we are recording,

-Plus Previous tier Rewards

Thank you for the support ~Zekken_ZK

$15 /mo
Tier 3:
-Patrons may request a game be played either on the channel or on a stream, they will then be linked *if a link is provided* and given a shout out in the first and last video in the seri...

$25 /mo
Tier 4:
*This is the highest tier and is meant for one month, if you choose to support it for longer then we can discuss a alternative for your reward*
-A Patron only Signed Tee Shirt or Merc...