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I am a college student in the UK i have been watching anime for years and have a passion for creating videos (I have been on youtube 4 years now). I am actually strongly against having advertisements on my videos, i think it ruins the viewing experience. I want to start launching more series on my Youtube channel and hope it can become something that i can sustain my self with. Everyone who can spare a small amount of money it means the world to me. If i was gaining an income i would make sure to upload regularly, balancing college work and uploading, eventually setting up things like a discord so we can make a community together, this would be my dream but first i have to grind, hope you enjoy my content :).
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Joining my discord open DMs. My Greatest thanks for now :) 

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Joining my discord open DMs essentially anything you want to do, we can even collaborate if you so wish. + Viewing scripts and video ideas, A rank on the discord too.

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This would be ideal for me and i would 100% upload at least 4 videos every week.
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