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About ZenVR

We all know stress, anxiety, and depression aren’t fun. We’ve all dealt with them, either personally, or through family and friends.

And we’ve all probably heard that meditation can help with dealing with these issues and provide other science backed benefits to your mental well-being. But if it’s so obvious that meditation is good for us, why isn’t everyone doing it?

One of the hardest things about learning meditation is figuring out where to start. There’s thousands of videos and books out there, each claiming to teach you their technique, but for many people this just leads to more confusion.

The best way to learn meditation is from a real teacher in a class, but those can be hard to find and incorporate into your everyday life, especially with the social distancing we’re currently faced with.

With ZenVR, we bring that classroom experience right to your home. When you put on your VR headset and come to our virtual Zen environment we make meditation as clear and structured as possible. And unlike existing meditation phone apps, we utilize the fully immersive qualities of Virtual Reality to truly bring you to this other place and remove the distractions of everyday life.
And maybe the coolest thing about ZenVR is that we’ve proven it works. Our master’s thesis research, conducted at The Georgia Institute of Technology has empirically shown that our education focused system produced significant increases in the standardized mental health metrics of participants in a multiweek study, significantly increasing their cognitive affective mindfulness and decreasing their perceived stress.

If you're as excited about ZenVR as we are, request access to the Beta and help us bring meditation to the world! We'll be releasing lessons throughout our Beta test and then continue to expanding our one-of-a-kind curriculum moving forward!
Welcome aboard and happy meditating!

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