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Donating $2.00 will get you in my channel updates when I make them when I announce everyone that has donated but be sure to contact me with your Youtube Name!

Also I'll create any Pokemon you'd like with any movesets you want and have it sent to no later then your Pokemon B/W 2 for you to transfer to Pokebank! Just be sure to contact me as well so I know who you are and what you'd like for me to make!
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I'll Subscribe to your Youtube Channel along with mentioning you in my channel updates of people that have donated so be sure to contact me with your Youtube Name!
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Not only will I Subscribe to your Youtube channel but I'll follow you on twitter and if you'd like I'll send you a free gift signed by me! (Contact me to give me your Twitter and Youtube Channel)




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About ZephyrSonic

Giving me a pledge will help me to raise and save money for not only better improving my videos further like getting better quality capture equipment, better mic, camera etc... but it will also allow me to pay off bills and start saving for me and my wife's future together! And becoming a Patreon will allow me to continue Youtube Gaming as a fun hobby and career cause if I ever had to get a full time job I would no longer be able to have much time for videos anymore so allowing to be able to do what I do for a living is fun and brings you fun entertainment and interaction with me and helping me to continue what I do full time!

With enough possible donations I can do giveaways to my awesome subscribers like giving away game consoles, games and more and I may even do special stuff with my fans! :)

Love you guys! <3
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I love my fans so much I really want to give back to my fans with a giveaway as they deserve the very best and I want to fund this money to give away some new games cause without my awesome fans I just would not be here today :)
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