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Recreational Gender Benders
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  • MY GRATITUDE! Any support helps me to keep going. Writing is a hard, soul-crushing slog at times. Your support reminds me that there are people out there who want more stories from me, and that means the world to me.
  • Immediate Notification of New Content Releases! Once it goes live on Amazon I will let you know!
  • Access to Weekly Polls! Let me know how you really feel about something!
(All Rewards require you to be 18 or older, or of the relevant legal age in your locality.)
Werewomen Anonymous!
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 All previous tier rewards, plus...

  • EXTRA GRATITUDE! You rock so much! Thank you a bunch for helping me out. Believe it or not, 5 dollars a month really adds up. 
  • Acknowledgement! Your Patreon username will appear on the acknowledgement page of all future title releases while you continue supporting me!
  • Sneak Peek at WIP Content: Get to watch the evolution of covers from upcoming stories, occasionally see notes or hear insights from a story or an idea I'm tinkering with.
  • Fan Casting Major Characters! Whenever I create a character I strenuously avoid basing them on any particular models, actresses, real people or whatnot, but from time to time I imagine who might play them in a movie, or in a TV show, or in an advertising gig, and once a month I'll come ask my Patrons who you would cast as that character while revealing my own personal dream casting. 
  • Visual References! Pictures showing what kind of sexy clothing or footwear or whatever a character may have been wearing in one of my more recent stories, little bits of titillation that I hope will keep you excited and satisfied. 
  • Weekly Q+A Sessions! Have a question about my stories, my characters, my favorite bits of media (TG and otherwise), 
  • NEW! Access to my Discord Server! Come hang out with me and talk Gender Transformation stories! We're up to 8 people in the channel now, including myself!

(All Rewards Require you to be 18 or older, or the relevant legal age in your respective locality.)

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30,000+ Word Custom-Commissioned Novella
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  • All Previous Rewards, plus:
  • I will write and complete the story within two weeks after commissioning, and will publish it to Amazon and Amazon Kindle. I will retain full exclusive publishing rights to the story, and will list you on the Acknowledgements page of the novella: 'Special Thanks To....'
  • I will accept almost any form of gender-bending story that we can come to an agreement on. You can request sexual couplings, story components (bodysuits, gender changing pills, lingerie, high heels, whatever, etc.), character names and appearances, themes, plot elements (best friends to lovers? kinky online relationship becomes real?), sexual fetishes (to a limit: no scat, no non-con or dub-con, no vore, no underage, etc.), and so forth.
  • I will not write any stories which contain content I find personally objectionable or which would violate Amazon Kindle content rules. We will need to agree upon the details prior to writing.
  • I WILL provide a free copy of the finished story on Amazon to you.
  • If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me prior to selecting this Tier so that we can agree upon final details. 




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Hello! Welcome! My pen name is Zoe Brown, and I write steamy, romantic, supernatural, and adventure stories featuring male-to-female Gender Bending heroines for publication on Amazon Kindle. If my stories have entertained or delighted you, will you please consider becoming a Patron of mine? I would greatly appreciate it!!

You can find my complete Amazon Story Catalog by clicking here.

I also have a personal homepage for myself at www.zoebrown.net, a twitter account at @ZBrownWerewoman and a DeviantArt.

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Commissioned Artwork!

When I reach fifty patrons I will attempt to commission artwork of major characters and stories every month and post them here as Patron-only exclusives.
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