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is creating Beauty, Trans & LGBTQ+ activism videos!
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About Zoey Zoco

Hey Y'all its Zoey Zoco!

Welcome to my Patron Page! It means the WORLD to me that my viewers still follow me after all these years! I've had some really hard times in the past 2 years and its getting harder and harder to make videos with juggling 3 jobs! So instead I want to make YouTube my only job! So lets make it happen y'all! Times are tough, trust me I know all too well but anything helps!
So please donate(reward) whatever you'd like! :)

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T-dubs! Love Ya <3
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Y'all know I haven't been uploading videos lately and I really want to start uploading twice a week!
If I can reach this goal, it will mean a lot to me! Reaching this goal will ensure me to keep making YouTube Videos and posting content y'all love and want to see!
Thank you so much for the love and support! :)
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