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is creating Stories, CG Art, and Pinups.
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At this level patrons will be able to see the more graphic renders I make, The sexy stuff!

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At this level my loyal supporters can influence up coming Renders. Like one Ive already done? Want to see that character return or rendered again? Well now you can!




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About Zoophilian Inc

Who I Am.
I’m the Zoophilian and I’ve been hanging around the internet since the 90’s. I have a passion for art and words (especially those of the hentai and more erotic style), and because of this, I have turned my hand to creating my own.

Because of years of practice and learning to create CG Art on various programs, I have begun to offer commissions, looking to become a freelance artist to support myself.  Currently I offer Pinup styled renderings of my girls in an ever growing roster.

Why have I made a Patreon?
To progress my craft and make my dream of becoming a freelance artist, I need a better technical set up, which will help me continue evolving my craft and work on full animations, and better quality CG Pinups.

What can I offer?
I am offering CG rendered in the Pin-up style, in various stages of completion. My NSFW will only be available through my Patreon, as well as my periodic writings, which will be available in various formats.

$0 of $50 per month
I would consider this the first step of my adventure in becoming a professional, This will allow me to be able to afford programs needed for post work making everything shinier with cool effects and thigns like saliva and smoke, Blood and well.. Shinies!
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