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Pictures Of My Cats

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I will post a picture of my cats every month. They're pretty cute! You can take that picture and use it elsewhere. Full commercial rights. Do it.

Semi-Public Thanks

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I'll make a post thanking you. It'll be your first name unless you send me a message asking otherwise. The post will be patron-only, because I think that's hilarious.

Gamedev Coaching

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I'll spend an hour giving some kind of personal advice to you, relating to game development! Maybe you want to get into the industry? Maybe you have a problem on a game you're currently writing? I can't promise it'll be useful, but I can promise it'll be provided!




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I make stuff.

It's usually related to games.

Sometimes I make stuff that's commercial. I get paid a salary for that, and then you have to fork over money to buy it, which makes me sad. Sometimes I make stuff that I'd feel weird about selling, so I don't sell it, and then you can just use it. I like doing that! But it's not sustainable, right now, so I keep doing things that get me a salary.

If I didn't need a salary, I could do more free stuff - a lot more. I think this would be cool. Maybe you do too!

"So, why should I care?", I hear someone saying. "Who are you?"

I'm a game developer who's been in the industry for over a decade. I've worked on console games and PC games, single-player games and adventure games. I love working in this industry and I want to keep doing it. I've done a lot of stuff. Some of it you might have used!

Current projects:

Crimson Keep, a first-person roguelike being developed for PC. (You'll probably have to buy it. Sorry.)

The Digital Game Museum. You can donate to this directly! It's even a non-profit.

Rimworld convenience mods, some small, some smaller. These are free! They'll always be free. But I don't want you to send me money for these; I'm also doing Rimworld as a full-time job, and I'd feel weird taking donations.

Past projects:

Dwarf Foreman, a tool that was later reinvented by others as Dwarf Therapist and set the foundations for how work assignment functions in basically the entire genre, which is, y'know, pretty cool.

Experimental Games. Some of them are fun! Some of them are terrible. That's what experimental means! :D

QuestHelper, a World of Warcraft addon which I resurrected from the dead and maintained for two years.

Game development streams. I miss doing this! It was fun.

Very old commercial games:

Everquest: Champions of Norrath - My first salaried project! Man, that brings me back. You know I've never played it? Yeah, I've never actually sat down and played through it. Probably should someday.

What do I get for contributing?

I have no idea.

Seriously. I haven't got a clue what I can offer right now.

If you like the things I've been doing, and want to hand me a few bucks, then I'll keep doing things. Gonna be honest, I'm going to keep doing things anyway. But I can focus more on things I want to do, and less on things I have to do. Is that a good thing? I think so! Maybe you do too!
$1.59 of $100 per month
Weekly Twitch streams. Probably involving game development. Maybe not involving game development? Maybe just playing some games. Maybe my cats will be visible! Nobody knows! It's a mystery!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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