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is creating Video game digital distribution platform
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Tier A you are helping make Poole gaming company best damn company out there! This also gives you access to monthly updates and details on our patreon and keep up to date! Thank you so much for supporting this movement we cant do it without you!

Screw netflix this is where its at!
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Tier B you get everything mentioned above as well as access to app/website details and get a  special symbol on your profile when the gaming platform is done So people can see you’re a  supporter!

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Tier C you get acces to everything mentioned above as well as you get early access on the gaming platform! see if everything is there and help us improve it 




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About Poole gaming

digital distribution platform. I wont go into much detail till we hit 350 patreons but i want this platform to be for the developers. All the ad revenue and money on the games people pay for it will go to the developers or companies of the game. Let us prove are intentions are good! Support us today and get the word out. All the money we make on this goes to making the company and the platform.
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