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About Nick Pützer


Hey, I am Nick, 34 years old. When I was 6, I did my first programming experiences on a C128. When I was older I created some stuff with 3d programs and built levels in different ego-shooters. I love ego-shooters (of the last century). Since 1998 I dream of a big own computer game. In the end of 1999 I get into 3d programming on GPU. I also got a lot of experience, for example in software rasterizing, raytracing and a lot of other stuff because I am very interesting in such things.
I work 99% in Delphi. For my diploma I created a complex 3d editor. My plan was creating casual games with it to get some money. But I lost motivation when creating small stuff. I want to create big games like large companies. A lot of people tell me, it is impossible to create such large games alone. Challenge accepted! :D

Your money makes this game possible. I won't buy assets etc. because I want to create all content on my own. But I need money to pay my flat and food.
So please help me to make an awesome game for you and your friends!
In the past I thought of kickstarter. But in fact, I don't need one huge hill of money, I need a regulary income. This is, why patreon could fit perfect for me.

Find some cool rewards is really hard. With an online game, I could give you items, money, etc. but I don't like the free2play and micropayment stuff. Everyone should have the same chance when playing the game.
Maybe you have some cool ideas for rewards.

The main project since 2011. In short, I was impressed of the minecraft gameplay and smashed by the graphic. So I want to create this but with awesome eye candy. But I don't like to use other 3d engines. Why? Because how can you create never seen features when I just use the same engine everyone does.
So I am working on my own 3d engine. This means, I also create physic and all the other stuff on my own. Creating all the things alone take some a lot of time.
But I have already some cool features:
The whole game + content is below 15 Megabytes!
There is only one world like a parallel world to our. No different servers or realms.
I use a lot of procedural content. All the models are created by code only. This mean, later I can do many different models from them! My engine is able to spread microgeometry over the world, real tiny 3d models. Every grass blade and clover plant is real and interact with players. Every cube face of the voxel world has it's own texture. I only have a few procedural textures yet. They doesn't repeat.
There are dynamic volumetric 3d clouds. And volumetric fog in the valley, where sun rays shine through the trees.
For me atmospheric and immersion is a very important thing.

I am very flexible for StoneQuest. Because it is hard to plan such a huge project I haven't a real roadmap. But I want to create an awesome game, so I think of the game and decide what features would be cool. I dream of a game that fits to many people. Be sure, survival, farming and animal hunting will be a part of the game. But because the setting is on an different planet, you need also fight against alien creatures. And of course the minecraft like building. If you have an epic idea, what should be in the game, don't be shy and just contact me! :D

Maybe you already guessed it, but I won't hire others to work on this game, never! I am sure I am able to do it alone. I am doing exponential developement. Because my stuff is programed, it is hard to make the first things. For example creating the dragon was indescribable complex. But making other animals from it now, is just change some code. Later I get parametric functions, so an animal is just a question of some hours. And then it could be possible, that the computer just change them and I decide, which animals I want to have. Because I am working alone, I need to do such optimized developement everywhere. If you think of Horizon Zero Dawn, where 250 people worked for 6 years it would mean, that I would take 1500 years alone, if I do it like them. I hope that I can live that long, but StoneQuest should be done faster than that.
Maybe it looks like I am slow programmer. But I think, it is vice versa. Think of an iceberg. You can only see the top. What you see is very very small compared to what I need to do for it. Creating an own engine means a lot of work. Mabye this is, why most companies use a finished one. Then I don't show everything. Some stuff is not finish or just invisible. If I optimized the game and it runs 5 FPS faster then before, it's hard to show this. If I change the texture managedment for the background environment and there are lesser lags, it's hard to show this, too. Also writing articles take time. Sometimes I have just no motivation to show, what I had done. Even my friends don't know every new stuff.
So if there are no updates or articles for some time, maybe I have a break or maybe I am working even harder on the engine! :D
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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