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Hi everyone,

My name is Nargiza Maka Gikashvili. I am a curator and director of the professional artist Zurab Gikashvili. Zurab is living in Country of Georgia. His artworks are regularly exhibited at museums and galleries of Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in another countries and continents. I have had organized solo and group exhibitions for Zurab in the United States, where I live. I am looking for more funds to bring Zurab Gikashvili's art into our country.

Dear patron, if you decide to support the artist Zurab Gikashvili, please let me know what I can do for you. Discounts on original artworks, free postcards every month, invitations to Zurab Gikashvili's exhibitions, display your name on his website and much more will be offered. Please feel free to ask questions and discuss your ideas.

With your support, I will get an opportunity to bring the wonderful art of Zurab Gikashvili and share with the people.

You can find more information about the artist on his personal website:

Thank you for reading my story, and for your support!

Nargiza Maka Gikashvili 

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