Matthew Livingston

is creating ISO - 8bit Metroidvania

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About Matthew Livingston

Hey there! I'm Matthew, or Mnots on the web. I've tinkered in about every area of game development over the past couple years, but the largest chunk of my time has been spent doing freelance pixel art. In my spare time, I've been working toward making a passion project of mine, that for now I'm calling ISO.

@umellu - Sound *
* @_Razeal_ - Programming *

  • Track your Bounties back to their Hideouts. Getting in will require some strategy, be it from a power-up you've acquired or a password to get you past the guard. Once you're in, you've gotta find the target and take em out.
  • Some targets can be stunned while at low health for a higher reward. Unsuccessfully stunning a target will cause them to go into Berserk-mode though, so approach carefully!
  • Perform side missions that take you through a variety of mini-game stages like shmups, shooting galleries, speeder bike levels, card matches, and platforming challenges.
  • Make contacts in the world, gain information about new Bounties, and eat as much ramen as you can handle!

You can support the project here on Patreon to give a jump-start to its development. In exchange, you'll get access to exclusive progress updates, our Discord server, and a couple other rad things!

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Now we're cooking with gas!

At this point, the Patreon is really kicking up enough dust to get things stirring each week in the project. It's not enough to dedicate myself full-time yet, but we're getting somewhere.
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