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About Alexandra Rowland


I'm Alexandra Rowland, author of A CONSPIRACY OF TRUTHSA CHOIR OF LIES, and some amusing twitter threads. I'm also a Hugo Award finalist as one of the cohosts of Be The Serpent (a podcast of extremely deep literary merit).

I would dearly love to be a full-time writer. However, my career isn't yet in a place where I can sustainably afford to do that -- right now, I've got several side gigs which are getting me just shy of breaking even on monthly bills and I'm dipping into my savings to cover the rest. With your support, darling patron, I won't have to get a new dayjob! That means I'll have time to create more things, travel to more cons, write more books, record more awesome podcasts, and repair my house (it's old and bits of it are falling off). And, let's be honest, do all that while maintaining a healthy work-life balance and having time to read, shower, and eat things besides ramen! 

If you've experienced many of my works, you can probably guess that I have a fairly interactive philosophy around storytelling and the relationship between the storyteller and their audience. I think there is a space between "I write only for myself and I don't owe my readers anything" and "My audience's demands outweigh my own creative decisions". I'd like to explore what lives in that space and whether there's an equilibrium to be found there, because as much as I am writing for myself, I am also not so arrogant as to claim that I don't care at all what my audience is hungry for. I think stories have an enormous power to bring us closer together, to connect us across years (or decades, or even centuries). Cross my palm with silver and I'll tell you some really good ones.

Some of the stories or story-adjacent things you can expect from me include but are not limited to:
  • Extra worldbuilding details about the setting of Conspiracy of Truths and Choir of Lies (and all the rest of my current projects -- they're all set in the same world!)
  • Deleted scenes -- things that didn't quite fit, or that got taken out, or vastly rewritten
  • Annotated scenes -- sometimes I write a thing that's full of references and hints that only I get, and then I writhe in agony knowing that no one will ever know. Be my captive audience so I can nerdily explain the jokes so exhaustively that they're not funny anymore.
  • Smutty fanfic about my own characters.
  • Sneak peeks of upcoming books
  • and more!

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This goal, paired with my side gigs, means I'm doing well enough that I won't have to get a new dayjob! Once we meet this goal, I'll host a monthly livestream writing session and Q&A, open to all patrons.
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