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About Axie


  • Francis Drake material list
  • Francis Drake progress updates
  • Secret cosplay reveal + material list

Howdy! I'm Axie 

My name is Ash! I'm an Australian based cosplayer. I'm a big old nerd and have been for as long as I can remember, with my interests stretching from anime to film, comics, theatre  and more recently the whimsical world of Dungeons and Dragons and podcasts! I'm not currently studying but I am slowly and steadily building up a costuming portfolio full of both my original designs and cosplays which will hopefully allow me to pursue my dream of studying theatrical production design in 2020. 

Why Patreon?

Patreon is a great way of ensuring I can keep doing what I love. Cosplay is a great hobby that I'd encourage everyone to try and I'm extremely passionate about, but it does unfortunately add up to be very expensive! Patreon allows me to continue crafting and also allows me to continue making content for you guys~~ While this is a key reason that Patreon is such a great platform, there's actually a fair bit more to it than just that.

I'm no professional cosplayer, and I'm still learning every single day, but the sheer amount of information I've learned in the last few months by supporting other creator's and seeing how they go about their craft has been astonishing. Patreon provides a collaborative platform where creator and patron can bounce ideas off of one another and learn together. As they say, two eyes are better than one. Being able to share my methods and also being able to understand the creative process of others and how to apply it to my own work is a gift. In my experience, Patreon allows creators to form a mutualistic relationship with their supporters that both can greatly benefit from, and I guess after a while of being on the patron side of this community I figured it might be high time to have a go at the other side! I'd love to be able to share what I've learned (including the mistakes I've made) and continue to better my skills, and if documenting and sharing those processes can even help one person out, then I'd be over the moon~

Plus documenting my process is a skill I really need to get into the habit of and this seems like the perfect opportunity to force myself to do it ;)

What will I be posting?

My Patreon feed will mostly be progress of whatever costume I'm currently working on! I'm hoping for this to be anything from early design stages, fabric choices, patterning, construction and final fittings. I'm hoping to do time lapse videos for wigs and makeup and maybe (once I figure out how to do it well) digitised patterns I make for you guys to print yourself! I also really want to share the whole process, including my mistakes so you can really understand the process and why I chose to do things the way I did~

Thank you so much for stopping by here, and if you can't donate then that's completely understandable, thank you so much for even supporting me this far! But for those who are interested in supporting me just that little bit further, I can't wait to work with you! Your support means the absolute world to me and I really cannot thank you enough <3


Photographer for my profile picture is hazzardous_photography on instagram, and from left to right the photographers featured on my cover photo are Kian and nic_the_pixie, lightprons, shutter_light_photography, Ivan Lau and shutter_light_photography again!! Please give them some love they are very talented! <3
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Thank you so much!!

To be honest this is more of a place for me to just post WIPs so I don't really know what else to offer once this goal is reached? I might try open up a new tier but I'll have to have a think, maybe a monthly live stream? Feel free to give me any suggestions! Regardless, thank you SO MUCH for pledging your support to me, it really does mean the world <3
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