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About Romain Cochet

Hi! I’m Romain Cochet. I’m a French creator continuously seeking to improve my artistic and writing abilities. My works are mostly inspired by mythology, demons and a whole bunch of stories (with a primary interest into fantasy and horror genres).

While I’m doing my best to write every morning (only short stories, jumping into novel writing seems too overwhelming at the moment), this Patreon page will be mostly dedicated to my artworks. Thanks to this page, I want to grant you a transparent and exclusive look behind my work. From the initial idea to the final artwork, while detailing my thought, process, and research sketches.

Because I don’t shy away from a bit nudity or some semi-erotic content (tag as NSFW), be sure to be at least +18 before pledging to my page.

At the moment, you have three ways to support my craft:
  • Ink Drop: your name on my website, videos and any kind of contents created thanks to your pledge (you can stay anonymous if you want it too)
  • Ink Orbe: previous reward + access to the process pdf + access to the monthly giveaway (unlock at 20 patrons)
  • Ink Spirit: previous rewards + monthly postcard with one of my artworks and a personal note

Patreon work on a fixed monthly payment plan. That means you will get charged at the beginning (1st) of every month. With that in mind, it’s better for you to wait for the beginning of the following month to start your pledge. Of course, you can cancel your support anytime.
Pledge or not pledge the choice is up to you. In any case, thanks for giving my page a look. I hope to see you on the other side. 

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“From a simple drop, something is born. What would grow from it? Only time knows.” 

What's Included: 

  • your name on my website, pdf & videos (if you want to stay anonymous, just send me a message). 
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Every month one randomly selected patron will earn an exclusive reward (original artworks, limited print, and other secret prices). 
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