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This tier is if we a-muse you and want to say "thanks for the whacky stuff you've been making"

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Just like the nosey Titan Helios you want to see all...including our research notes. We will send you select notes from our episodes as well as tell you where we pulled stuff from. And since you’re so all-seeing you will get some behind the scenes videos each month.

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With this tier your cup shall overfloweth with bonus content! Not only do you get everything listed in the previous tiers, you also get an audio recording of a bonus commercial we make during recording each month! Aren’t you excited to hear what doesn’t make the cut? We will also send you a one time personalized thank you shout-out video. Thank gods we have Hebe to bear this cup for you!



About Mythunderstood

Mythunderstood is a comedy/educational podcast hosted by bffs Sarah Oliver and Paul Bianchi exploring mythologies from all over the world.

Thanks to the many listeners that have been telling us to create one of these for years, we are excited to give you extra educational and entertaining content!

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