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The words are revealed! Time to start copying this down...

PDFs of all the zines I release, and access to private posts about my work, progress, sneak peeks at what I'm up to; that kind of thing. Read & enjoy!

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Access to private posts and all PDFs as above, plus physical zines mailed to you as I publish them. Fellow traditionalists and game-hoarders, I salute you!

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Access to private posts, PDFs, mailed physical copies, plus your name credited in the zine itself, and you're in the playtester pool when things need feedback or a proving run. That might be a session I run online, early access to initial playtest material, or something else. Thanks for getting your hands dirty!




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About Nathan Harrison

Howdy! I’m Nathan, and my mind spends a lot of time at the junction of games and storytelling. That's manifested in micro-RPGs I've made, and bigger projects like Hinterlands — a work-in-progress RPG about social standing in a small fantasy town (think Princess Mononoke, Deadwood, and Downton Abbey thrown in a blender).

Kickstarter's ZineQuest crystallized a change in how I want to approach what I make. I want to release work sooner, with an eye to design it to fit into more digestible chunks. That's coalesced into Forking Paths: an eclectic RPG zine, with room to explore live-action, tabletop, and analog games more broadly too.

So I'm working on RPG content same as ever, but also in a new way. Alf's back. In zine form!

I'm kicking off this project on a per-creation basis. Meaning, patrons will only be charged when I put out a new zine. My goal is a new zine every month or two, so the most frequently you'd be charged is once a month. For physical zines, they'll be in the middle of the DIY spectrum: mostly black & white, laid out digitally, photocopied & stapled into their final form. Digital zines will be PDFs made from the same layout files. This is an experiment, so if those details or any other parts of the project change, I'll keep you posted as things evolve.

What's in Forking Paths will vary between issues, and I'll always share what's coming down the pipeline. As an example, issue #1 included material for a setting called the Viridian Maw: system-neutral fuel for a wilderness sandbox/exploration campaign, inspired by the weird ecologies of Annihilation and Borne by Jeff VanderMeer. Creatures, plants & fungi; places & peoples; maps, random tables; all sorts of fodder for the “play to find out what happens” mindset. Plus amateur art from me, as I work on learning to sketch!

Self-contained zine-sized games are definitely in the mix for future issues I've started planning. Those designs might include concepts I've worked on before, or new ideas created explicitly for the zine. (My "Forking Paths ideas" doc is already brimming with stuff!)

I hope you'll join me on this journey! I'm keen to follow others' interests as much as my own, so as a patron you'll be with me in the wilds, helping to determine where I end up next.
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Along with studio membership at IPRC, my monthly expenses for Adobe Creative Cloud are covered. I only keep CC for hobby & game design use, so reaching this means a lot! As a thank you, I'll start working on extra physical goodies that will go out to all tiers.
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