A Pyro Design is creating 3D Printed Logos

$1 Sparks

$1 /mo
Thanks for showing your support.  

For every patron that donates $1.00 per month, We will include your name on a "Thank you" screen on each of our main videos!  Also enjoy 10% off on our shirts ...


Pyros in training

$5 /mo
All of the $1 rewards, but enjoy 25% off of the items in our etsy shops.  Access to special 3d models that won't be available to anyone else.  

Let's go light some fires

$10 /mo
Enjoy all the $1 and $5 rewards , but get wholesale cost on out shirts and items under $30 in our etsy shops.  Also, for every patron that donates $10.00 per month, a one time shipment of a set of ...


$25 /mo
Everything from the $1, $5 and $10 tiers plus a free A Pyro Design or 3D pink mafia t-shirt.  Your choice.

The elite fire makers

$50 /mo
You know who you are. You are the elite. If you are in this tier you probably have a good reason for being here, you are my friends and truly believe in what we are trying to do.  Thank You.