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Less than a cup of coffee in Thailand.

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Why would anyone donate one whole dollar per month to someone living as self-evidently ghetto-fabulous a lifestyle as myself? I'd recommend viewing my old (2020) video, titled, "50,000 Dollars in Debt: Am I Rich or Poor or What?" This video both discusses the (surreal) economic circumstances of my "normal" life, and also explains what donating to the channel does (and doesn't) mean. Long story short: I will be able to afford my next bottle of soymilk either way, however, if I were in your shoes (i.e., if I were a viewer of the channel myself, not the creator) I'd want to donate the $1 per month, both to thank the creator and communicate with him. (Many, many videos on the channel have been created as a result of conversations with supporters via Patreon… if you've been watching for a while you may have noticed this mentioned from time to time.)  LINK:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVy7qy85o34

The cost of a cup of coffee in Canada.

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The official guidance from this website (Patreon) insists that I should not offer any "tier" lower than $3 per month (as an absolute minimum), but I continue to treat $1 as both the minimum and the default setting.  We live in a world where "Disney Plus" costs $70 per year, so it does seem a bit absurd for me to charge $36 per year (i.e., $3 per month) if we're competing simply in terms of "entertainment" value.  And as I explain in this "old" (2020) video, I don't consider myself to be e-begging, as I'm open about the fact that youtube earns so little money (for me), that donations aren't really going to impact my life one way or another (I'll buy the same amount of soymilk either way): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVy7qy85o34
So the argument for donating $3 per month can neither be made in terms of "entertainment value" nor in terms of "charity" (because I'm not crying poor)… the argument can only be made in terms of supporting the creation of content, because you see some kind of educational or political value in what I'm doing on youtube (and you want me to put the time and effort into that, rather than my other priorities, that occasionally threaten to take over the finite waking hours of my life).

This is a warning.

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No no, you're missing the point entirely: don't donate $100.  A few people actually have done this, and I send them an email asking what it is they're trying to buy.  ;-)  They did, actually, have interesting reasons for donating $100 for a few months (in each case), but no, I'm not trying to compete with the cost of a synthetic down pillow.




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About Eisel Mazard

Pretty much everything I do can be described as both "autobiographical" and "political" --check out the first few minutes of this interview (above) answering the question, of "Who I Am" and "What I do" on youtube.  Given how miscellaneous the content on my channel is, I'm then asked how I define politics; my answer is that ethics entails decisions about how I can live a meaningful life, whereas politics concerns the question of how we can live meaningful lives --together or apart, I might add.  ;-)  Some of my videos are educational (including direct language-lessons on learning Chinese, etc.), some philosophical, and some are comedic (satire and self-parody) —but a large portion of my adult life has been wrapped up in the study of politics and languages, so even my most autobiographical videos tend to involve some kind of political analysis.  In the years of the youtube channel I have also written books (illustrated story-books books for children, in the past, and one "serious" books for adults, in 2020) that were shared with Patreon supporters; other forms of both podcasting and film-making will likely ensue, in 2021.
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I'm hoping that Patreon can be a crossroads for people who share a sincere issue in the issues (any of the issues) that I've raised on the internet in recent years.  Although my audience is small, it's an audience comprised of some very interesting people, with the real potential (and will) to make a positive difference in the world.
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