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Scrubby Loofah
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Newly spawned offspring of Lulu the Sentient Loofah. 

  • Early Access to content and at least 1 chapter ahead of the public story!

Patrons at this tier and above will receive access to 1 chapter ahead of the publicly available story dependent on how fast I can write them, and early access to side character chapters and interludes up to a week before they are posted elsewhere. The further I get ahead in the writing, the more may become available!

As i build up a buffer, more chapters will become available earlier.

Includes Discord benefits
Loofah Legionaire
per month

Fully grown soldiers in the Loofah Legion.

  • Early Access to content and at least 1 chapter ahead of the public story! 
  • Name Mentioned in the Story!

Patrons at this tier will receive everything from the previous tier, but I will include their name(or a pseudonym) in a scene as a side character for one of the main characters to meet in passing. Multiple mentions are possible, even, if that character's story takes place around the same city or location in multiple chapters.

Includes Discord benefits
Loofah Centurion
per month

More experienced scrubbies who command other Loofah in the Legion.


  • Early Access to content and at least 1 chapter ahead of the public story! 
  • Name Mentioned in the Story!
  • In-story moment of Epic Death or Heroic Swoop!

Centurions are no strangers to battle, and there will certainly be battles aplenty in the future of Skyclad. Patrons of this tier will receive all the content access that previous tiers get, but instead of a casual name drop, I offer to Centurions the choice between an Epic Death or a Heroic Swoop. 

I cannot predict exactly when the opportune moment may arrive as my outline and future chapter structure is more fluid than most, but your name will be remembered as someone who died in an epic manner, or swooped in to save a major character at a critical moment(for those who don't like the idea of appearing and dying off so directly).

Includes Discord benefits




per month


The first book is finished! Now that it's wrapped up I'll be working with a professional editor to get it trimmed down to something more reasonable for print, as 800+ pages is a monster to deal with in physical form. There's also a lot of long-winded passages, especially in the early chapters when I was heavy handed with the system notifications. I couldn't have done it without you guys, and Skyclad was just the start.

Skybound, Book Two of Fate's Anvil, is coming soon. I'll have more info on that in the next week, I just can't give a solid ETA on it because I don't know how big of a project the final edits are going to be for Book One. But rest assured, there will be content going up!

Thank you all for supporting me on this journey, and I look forward to exploring the rest of Anfealt with all of you as Morgan and her new friends take on the world!
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At fifteen hundred a month I could support myself with writing and not have to take on a part time job to pay the bills. That may seem low to some parts of the US where living expenses are high, but I'm in a fairly rural area with small towns and not many jobs around. I wouldn't be livin "high on the hog" but I could get by, focusing solely on improving my writing skills. 
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