Aaron Baugher

is creating assembly language programs for the Commodore 128

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Hello, I'm Aaron Baugher (rhymes with "saw her"), a Unix system administrator and sometimes programmer in a variety of languages. My first computer was a Commodore 128D that I bought from Sears in 1988, and I spent a lot of time tinkering around on it in BASIC and machine language. Unfortunately, I no longer own that computer, but it's still my favorite. Now I spend my days working with modern computers that are so complex no one understands everything that's going on inside them, so I've been drawn back to the simplicity and elegance of programming on the Commodore 8-bit machines, especially the C128. I think these are great machines on which to learn the fundamentals of assembly language programming, so I began making videos to help newcomers to them.

I will be creating two types of videos:

  • Real-time programming sessions, usually running 1-2 hours, in which you can watch every step of the development of a program from planning to writing the code to debugging and testing. So far I've done a version of Conway's Game of Life, the classic terminal game "Worm," and an assembly language conversion of the BASIC one-liner 10PRINT.
  • Tutorial videos on specific topics. These have included explanations of the 6502 instruction set, binary arithmetic, C128 memory banking, how the 6502 stack works, and more.

The programming sessions will be released at least weekly, usually twice-weekly since I plan to have two projects going at a time, one long-term and one short-term. The tutorial videos will be made whenever a useful topic for one comes up, which so far has been about weekly. So you can expect 2-3 videos per week, for at least 2-3 hours of content.

The current projects are an SHA-256 hash calculator, and "Farm Life 128," a farming/RPG game for the C128. The code and notes for all my projects will be in my GitLab repository and updated with each video release.

Your contributions will help me continue to dedicate time to this series and improve my recording equipment, and they are all much appreciated. Since all the code and videos are free, I don't know what I can offer as rewards other than crediting contributors in the programs, but I'm open to suggestions on that. Perhaps I could do a live stream or chat now and then to answer coding questions, if there would be interest in that. Thank you!

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