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The Astronaut once was a boy born on earth. He lived with his younger sister together with their single working mother. They were poor but happy and together always. As a child he watched the first moon mission with awe and dreamed of space. He did well in school and learned to fly as a teenager. He also studied classical music, traditional film production, and Swiss design, little did he know these would come in handy in his future incarnation... When he graduated from high school he joined the air force and learned to fly high performance fighter planes eventually becoming a test pilot. When offered a chance to join the team at NASA he gladly accepted and realized his lifelong dream to go to space. He piloted the first solo flight to Phobos a moon of Mars. This mission was launched after a strange signal was discovered coming from Phobos. Unfortunately there was a technical malfunction and his ship crash landed on the surface of the barren martian moon. Fortunately he was unharmed.

On Phobos he met the Alien, a solo inhabitant of this desolate rock in space. The Aliens origin story remains a mystery but it is hoped that through his ongoing relationship with the Astronaut that it will eventually be revealed. The Astronaut discovered that the Alien was the source of this signal and it was in fact his special kind of singing. Together they assembled the broken wreckage of the Astronauts crashed ship into a never before seen nor heard electronic musical instrument. The Astronaut and the Alien spent a long time together on Phobos creating music and eventually devised a way to use the sound waves from their space ship based instrument as a propulsion system. They decided to use this system to propel the craft to earth where it came from and the Astronauts home and the family he missed ever since his departure many years ago. They wanted to share their music with the people of earth so they have returned and are doing so.

The stories the Astronaut has to tell about his adventure with a new friend being shipwrecked in space form the basis for many songs. The Alien also has a fascinating point of view as a visitor to earth with no prior knowledge of its people or institutions other than what he learned from the Astronaut during their time together. His songs are fascinating in their thoughts about the human race coming as they do from such an innocent and unbiased point of view. The Astronaut and the Alien have traveled the earth sharing their music crafted in outer space with all interested listeners who often refer to them simply as AATA. They make short films of their songs and lots of elegant and contemporary graphic designs to express their aesthetics. They also regularly travel to space by virtue of their unique sonic propulsion system and it is here that they encounter other beings and have new adventures, all of which form the basis for new stories, songs, and art pieces of all kinds.

Our creations are available on youtube, soundcloud, and bandcamp for all who enjoy them.

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