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The bedrock of Roman society, the Plebians kept the city going!


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These heavy infantry fighters made up the bulk of the Roman army.  (A friend of mine said I needed a Tier with a cooler name)


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The Patricians are the upper class of ancient Rome, they were large Patrons of the arts in the ancient world.


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About Ab Antiquo Ad Novum

When I studied abroad in Rome in 2015 I fell in love with the city, and I am lucky enough to be heading back this fall to begin my graduate studies in the Eternal City.  I would like to document this journey and my time in Rome in a way that allows anyone interested to join me on this experience.  I will be blogging about everything from day to day life, finding a place to live in Rome, trips outside the city, and even in depth looks at some of the amazing art pieces and monuments that I will be studying. 

Rome is not a cheap city to live in, and I will need to find a way to earn money while there to supplement my student loans.  It would be wonderful if Patreon could be that supplementary income, and allow me to focus time on creating more content and information for anyone who has an interest in my journey.  It would allow me to gain that income in a way that would benefit my experience living  and studying abroad without taking time away to find another type of job. 
Main Website: From the Ancient to the New: Life in Rome
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When I reach the goal of $250 a month I will add a youtube channel and monthly Vlogs to my website.  :)
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