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Of course you will also get early access to videos I'm creating, music I'm making, and my creative process. You'll also be invited to a monthly exclusive Patron-only livestream concert, too!
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HELLLOOO Super Fans!! Oh my friends, I’m so glad you’re here with me. If you’re new here, I’m Abbie Gardner - a singer, songwriter, dobro player, who is 1/3 of a band called Red Molly and 100% of myself. Hahah, ok that’s weird, but welcome to my world. :)

**It's a great time to join in because I'm running a special offer! Until September 17th, all my Patrons at the $10 and up level will get a digital download copy of my songbook! Wahoo!**  (download available when the special offer ends)

I have made a living performing music for a long time, so having all my tour dates cancelled back in March 2020 was a bit of a shock. Honestly it’s not all bad… I remember wishing I could tour a little less and practice more, write more songs, gather more material. I didn’t imagine it would happen like this, but here’s my chance to get down to it!

I’d love to tell you that since being locked in mid-March I have trained for a marathon, worked my way through Joy of Cooking and already have a new record to share with you… but no, I’m human just like you. This whole thing rocked my world! I scrambled around for a bit to make ends meet and that tends to push songwriting and creativity to the back burner. This is where YOU come in. I want to be accountable to YOU for new material. I want to share my creative process, the ups and downs, behind the scenes, and really show you what goes into what I do. Away from social media and ads. I’m not afraid to work hard. But I get stuck sometimes because I always want to be better before sharing anything. And sometimes in creative pursuits you really just need to crank out a lot of songs before there’s one that sticks. It’s truly fascinating how much work and time goes into one little song or lick on dobro.

That’s why I’m inspired to be here on Patreon. I am going to create songs, lyrics, music, videos and share them with you, here in this safe space where I know only my super fans live. You’re the people who read my whole newsletter. You’re the ones who tell me that music still matters and has value. The ones who believe in me, see my dedication and want me to keep going because you believe in what I do. I’m excited to have this space to connect with you away from social media or the noise of a crowd. Maybe you're drawn here because you want a way to connect with your OWN creativity! Well, my friend, I’d be honored to help spark something inside of you. I have a LOT of tips and tricks I use to get out of my own way. You will see me fail and be imperfect here - hopefully that will help you feel like you can be imperfect too. :)

So, for less than a coffee per month, you’ll get to see new songs come to life, be invited to a monthly Patreon-only Livestream show, participate in choosing what songs will go on my next record, and have early access to my creations. If you’re able to kick in a little extra, we’ll even get to hang out after my public livestream shows in a private VIP after-party where we can connect even more! Check out the tiers for more on the goodies I’m offering, but know that I am eternally gratefully to have you on this journey with me.

I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that I’ve wanted a deeper connection with you and my own creativity for a long time. With your support I’ll be able to get through this weird time and someday go back on the road armed with all these new songs, a new record, new arrangements, and some killer licks from all the practicing! And don’t worry, I’ll take you along with me the whole way.

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