Abbie Wells is creating Videos

Written Shout-Out

$1 /mo
I will place your name in the endscreen of a video as thanks!

Verbal Shout-Out

$5 /mo
I'll be shouting you out in a video for your awesome contribution!

Social Media

$10 /mo
Let's be friends! I'll follow you on the twittersphere! 

Direct Message

$20 /mo
I will send you a direct message on twitter, and who knows, maybe we'll chat!

Choose a Video

$50 /mo
I talk about stuff, but for $50, I'll talk about something you want me to.

(As long as it is safe and not offensive) 


$75 /mo
We can collab on a video together and bring another masterpiece into the world!


$100 /mo
You must really like my videos so I definitely want to talk you about that and whatever else comes to mind! We'll set up a time to skype for some friendly conversation.