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And, if you are one of the first 60 people to send me a special original quote you made up, I will include it in a speech balloon in the "Abby and Norma" Poster, of which you will ALSO get a digital copy, when it's complete!

In addition to all the aforementioned perks, you get a free PDF copy of the Abby and Norma collection "Everything Happens for a Reason (but nothing happens for a GOOD reason)" ...complete with all the extras it contains, like bloopers, extra story arcs and printable paper dolls! 

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In addition, you get PDF copies of ALL ELEVEN  Abby and Norma Mini-Books, including the extra features they contain, like drawings, acrostics and bloopers!

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In addition to all the aforementioned perks, you get a printed copy of the Abby and Norma Poster when it is finished. 

 PLUS, every 3 months you may choose to have me create one "Abby and Norma" strip on commission for you! 

(Give me a phrase, like "vampire vacuum cleaner" or "tree-dwelling robots"-- even if it makes no sense, I will do my best to make it into a strip that's funny!)




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About Erika Hammerschmidt

Well, I've got the comic "Abby and Norma," currently recovering from a hiatus. What I'm posting now is a series of old strips redrawn, interspersed with a few new strips.

The comic is about:
- an autistic college student
- a good friend
- a pet starling
- two precocious little cousins
- an uber-geek whose parents bred him in the hopes that his antisocial genes would save the world
- and a modern artist Trekkie who speaks only in palindromes.

It has puns, nerdy pop culture, and analysis of illogical human customs from an outsider's perspective. (I'm on the autism spectrum myself, so I sometimes take a lot of pleasure in poking fun at the counterintuitive twists of social life.)

The comic updates once a week, on Saturday. The art is mostly copied and pasted, even in its new, better-drawn incarnation. It has a bit of a fan base, but it isn't as great a comic as it could be.

It's been going that way, more or less, since 2006.

Recently, after a few months of high-stress life, I took a break to reevaluate how I'm going about it.

See, I work full time in a pharmacy to support myself and my husband John, who's also autistic and trying to live as a freelance writer. I also have side jobs, like public speaking, writing books, making jewelry, and drawing on commission... yes, I CAN draw, I just don't have time to do it every week for the comic.

I get paid for those things. I put less work into "Abby and Norma," by necessity, because it doesn't pay.

Which is part of why I stopped updating for a while. But I'm working on starting up again, and I can always use the help of patrons!

With more patrons, I could spend less time on stuff I do to make money, and more time on "Abby and Norma." I could buy things to help make the strip better, like digital drawing programs and maybe even a new computer someday.

I could increase the number of strips per week.

I could post more actual hand-drawn artwork.

I could design better T-shirts, print collections and other merchandise.

I might even be able to travel to a comic con outside my home state, once in a while.

So, if that interests you, please support me and "Abby and Norma"! 

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If pledges reach $50.00, I'll be able to buy Astropad, a program that lets me use an iPad as a drawing tablet connected to my computer. It should make it easier for me to draw original art for some strips instead of copying and pasting everything. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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