Abby Howard is creating Comics

Comic Comrades

$1 /mo
Access to a weekly journal comic!

Paleo Pals

$2 /mo
Access to the extinct creatures posts, where I sketch a different extinct creature and explain a bit about it each week! Educational AND pretty.

Sketchbook Secretfriends

$5 /mo
Once a month you get to see excerpts from my sketchbook, including warm-up drawings, figure studies, sketchy creature designs for The Last Halloween, and more Digimon than you could ever want.

Jackbox Guys

$10 /mo
Once a month, we all settle in and play some Party Games over the internet! Hang out with me and play Drawful, Quiplash, Tee K.O, and whatever other games you wanna try out. Maddie might come too.

RPG Club

$20 /mo
Once a month we play a delightful (and probably spooky) Game of Role Play, starting with one-off games and maybe moving into a longer campaign if we like each other.