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  • We are a not a big team and we have, for some years - more than thirty for some of us - been rehabilitating and reintroducing big cats and other mammals into the wild.
    Viktor, Svyatoslav and Liza Lukarevsky are researchers and biologists who spend most of their time in expeditions in all parts of our country and beyond for animals have really never heard of frontiers.
    That is why, as we track #Koshka and her kittens, you may occasionally see Siberian tigers and Near Eastern and Amur leopards, snow leopards and many other animals on our cameras.
    Why do we do this?
    There is one simple reason: the natural world is our home, and it is our desire to preserve all its beauty and infinite variety.
  • There are 4 lynxes in our Center. Koshka, Miass and their kittens.
  • Every year in Russia there are lynx kittens without a mother. They can't survive in the wild themselves, so they go out to people. These kittens must be placed in a rehabilitation center to save them.
$13.43 of $2,247.52 per month
If we reach  1,600 pounds per month, we will be able to  rehabilitate the lynxes and release them into the wild.
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