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Patreon spends money to provide hosting, so it's only fair that we pay them back.   If you feel like contributing $1/month and are already a Patreon participant, and the monthly take is not large, please consider contributing.   Don't worry about dana for me—I'm not asking for it and don't need it.   And please don't guilt trip if it's not convenient to contribute.




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About Abhayakara

I'm a long-time student of Buddhism.   I began studying when I read a book by Sogyel Rinpoche in 1993, titled The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.  Or maybe it was when I read Escape from Kathmandu by Kim Stanley Robinson, one of my favorite authors.   Either way, I started practicing Buddhism seriously in about 1999, and studied for 15 years in the Tibetan Gelukpa tradition.   After that, I began studying with Upasaka Culadasa at the beginning of 2014.

I quickly fell in love with the clarity of Culadasa's presentation on meditation—I'd found it impossible to develop an effective practice until that time.   My wife and I started a subreddit called The Mind Illuminated as soon as Culadasa's book title was announced, and this has become a vibrant online community discussing TMI (sometimes expanded as "Too Much Information").

I've found that the combination of the Buddhist teachings I got in the Gelukpa tradition and the meditation practice I learned from Culadasa, as well as my experiences taking the Finders Course, have prepared me to be very helpful for TMI practitioners who want to debug their meditation practice.   I don't tend to present long descriptions of how to meditate—my focus is more on asking people what's going on for them in their practice, and trying to make suggestions that will help them to progress.

I've been running a Saturday morning meditation meetup for over a year now, and this Patreon is a way for me to share it as a podcast.  I might also start blogging here.   Don't feel obligated to contribute—if you're not sure whether to contribute here or to Culadasa, contribute to Culadasa here: https://www.patreon.com/culadasa/posts

By the way, recently it has come out that Culadasa violated his precepts.  I suspect that this will result in a drop-off in support for him.  If you don't feel comfortable supporting him, I understand, but do bear in mind that I am teaching his method, which I believe works, and is not invalidated by what has happened with him.  I think his book is of great benefit to society, and he does need an income to live on, so it's important to me to continue to support him, even though I can't control what he does with his money and won't agree with everything he does with it.

That said, it would be nice if enough people contributed to pay the cost to Patreon of hosting this, so if the monthly donation count is under $20 and you are already doing Patreon and feel like throwing in $1/month, that would be great.   Either way, please enjoy the podcasts and blogs here guilt-free!

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