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About Abigail E.P.

Hi welcome to my page, I’m Abi!
I’m an illustrator based out of Lincoln, NE. I make drawings about my feelings and how I process those feelings. And then how we, the club of people who have a lot of feelings, process everyone else’s feelings together. I basically word vomit in the form of illustrations. Empaths, amiright? Anyway, I like to make a lot of things and i don’t always know where to put them, which brings us to here! As an Abigail E. P. Patron, not only will you get first dibs on all my prints and merch BEFORE the rest of the world,  but you’ll also get bonus content including: drawing lessons/ videos and exclusive products/ content! By being a patron, you’re helping support an independent artist and her cute family and her cute dog. And helping pay rent/ material cost ;)

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I’ll be able to hire a part-time assistant to help with shipping out all your goods, as well as the occasional mural. I’ll be able to pour in the time and work towards my books, which have been patiently waiting on the back burner. I’ll be able to keep making!
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