Abigail Hilton

Abigail Hilton

creating Fiction in Text and Audio
$1 per month
Many thanks! You get early drafts of my books and stories as I'm writing them, long before they go public (sometimes years early). I often include some notes that final readers never see.

You also get access to many past rewards. Check the latest Reward Summary in the feed.  https://www.patreon.com/posts/summary-of-nov-31430172

In addition, you get an RSS feed for podcast episodes I post at this level (audio updates, about once a month).
Basic Audio
$3 per month
Silveo sends hugs! This is the main audio level. In addition to the rewards above, you get a weekly audio podcast episode. This will include either an audio update from me or audio books in production before they go into retail stores.
More Audio, More Fiction
$5 per month
You are fabulous! Silveo sends hugs and kisses. Lots of kisses (Silveo, stop that).

In addition to the rewards above, you get extra audio podcasts episodes about once a month. In addition, I publish fiction here that's a little more niche, sometimes a little more racy. Right now, I'm writing 2 new Hunters novels that are pretty adult. Distraction is finished, and Arcove's Bright Side is about 75% done as of 2/2022. The chapters are tagged for easy search. Check the Reward summary.
Polished Digital Books
$10 per month
Wow! No kidding? Silveo would like to dance for you, but I'm pretty sure that would be NSFW.

In addition to all the things above, you will get a free digital copy of my new books (the final version), complete with the final artwork. I will also gift you my new audio books from Bookfunnel, so that you've got the final version forever in your library. (The podcast version gets pulled from the feed before going up on retailers, so that's not something donors have access to permanently.)
Physical Books
$20 per month

You are a serious fan. Silveo is offering to kill someone for you, but I don't think Patreon allows that.

You will receive everything above. In addition, twice a year (approximately January and July), I will send you two signed books in the mail.* I will communicate with you about which books you want and whether you're home to receive them. If you don't want stuff in the mail, that's OK, too. I realize that most people at this level are just very kind and generous. Thank you!

*This reward will begin after you hit $100 in lifetime donations. That happens pretty fast at this level. Also, if you live outside of the United States, I have to check shipping costs. If they're too exorbitant, I might send you 4 books once a year or figure out some other alternative.

Even More Physical Books
$50 per month
Wow. You don't even want to know what Silveo would give you a this level. You will receive all of the above. For residents of the Continental United States: I'll send you a few of my paper books every month, signed however you like, until you have them all. I'll also send you an audiobook every month until you've got them all.

For fans who live outside the Continental US: I have to check shipping rates before I commit to sending you things in the mail. If I can afford it, I'll do it (and I can afford a good bit at this pledge level).
All the Books
$100 per month
Silveo is preparing to name a ship after you. You're obviously an extremely generous super-fan.

You will receive all of the above. We'll talk about what else might be interesting to you - possibly a phone call or video chat or a monthly postcard with some original art for flash fiction.
Mentor Stuff
$100 per month
For writers who already have my books - First of all, thank you! You are phenomenal. You will receive all of the $50 level rewards, plus I will critique up to 5,000 words per month of your novel(s) or stories. I'll tell you what I think you're doing well and where I think you could improve. I will also walk you through the self-publishing process if you so desire. I'm familiar with most of the digital platforms for ebooks and audio books, as well as KDP Print, and direct sales. I won't format things for you, but I will tell you exactly how I do it, and I'll troubleshoot problems when you get stuck.