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About Angela Biscup

Fillimet is a bright fantasy, upbeat world full of hope and wonder. It has been known to find its own dark or somber undertones from time to time but even in these stories there is a hint of something better, and belief in the possibility of overcoming the darkness.

The world itself is vast, with layers of known and unknown histories and the motivations of its former and current inhabitants coloring the cultures of each region and plane. Curiosity drives scientists to investigate in the hopes of uncovering secrets from the past and revelations from the future, with the intent to apply those discoveries to further improve life in the present day.

Fillimet represents my return to writing after a long hiatus. I had allowed the stresses and concerns of life to turn me away from the things I truly enjoyed, and so in many ways the journeys of discovery I pursue in writing Fillimet mirror my own self-discovery. This world of fantasy and optimism is built upon my own heart as I work to truly discover myself for the first time and to overcome the discouragement I have faced in life that prevented me from pursuing my own passions and following my own soul.
After more than a decade without writing due I have finally broken free, picked up my pen, and set forth to find my own voice and my own place in the real world. And from this resolve, the world of Fillimet was born.

Your Support allows me to continue to host my writing efforts online, commission art to better display the wonder of the world, and publish and advertise short stories, novels, and an RPG within Fillimet.

Please take a look at the world of Fillimet, hosted on WorldAnvil, if you have not already done so. All new content will be added here!

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My hosting fees become self-sustaining, guaranteeing I can continue to provide the current experience to my readers.
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