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My name is Abigaël, I am a Healer qualified in multiple modalities (too many to list them all). I have a busy practice as a Homeopath, Spiritual mentor, Reiki Master Teacher, Shaman, Sacred Ceremony holder, & Doula~basically I am a Medicine woman.

Although my offerings are offered worldwide, I'd like to acknowledge that my current residence is Prince Edward Island~ Epekwitk on unceded territory belonging to Mi'kmaq people. I am dedicated to serving the community around me as well as honoring the teachers (plant, animal, and human) that have come before me and who will continue the teachings well after… My roots and indigenous ancestors lie in the North East Highlands of Scotland, where I was born. This ancient culture colours my soul, and I live my life in alignment with the Celtic wheel of the year practicing the magic of my ancestors.

I create a safe, sacred space, to facilitate the opportunity for you to dive deep into your soul work. Digging in to unearth the layers of fear, shame, guilt, to move through it with grace and love, to connect with your true self. I will guide you on a journey of returning to yourself, offering~creating ritual and meaning in your life which are lacking. The intention is to reclaim your self-love to embody your worth, your power, your light..letting go of past conditioning.

I believe that the key to vibrant radiant health is to know and feel the magic & beauty within your being. I facilitate healing in my practice, through the use of Homeopathy, Horses, Shamanic Reiki, Ritual & Sacred Teachings. I am a spiritual mentor, mystic & visionary. My soul's path is to help people connect to the magic of heart-centered consciousness within their lives. My intention is to help awaken you to the authentic self, so that you may remember who you truly are and live your life-radiantly in alignment with our soul's purpose.

This calling to work online has been whispering in my ear for many moons. These teachings and offerings are those that I offer in my local community.  I have been asked numerous times by folks if I would consider opening up the scope of my work through an online portal....so here it is.

Every month I will provide intuitive insights, magical rituals, ancestral wisdom, Goddess teachings, earthlore, womb wisdom rites, journal prompts, online sister circles (Moon Temples), Celtic wheel of the year medicine circles and more

In ancient times the ancestors gathered in circle, they honored & celebrated the passing of the seasons, the phases of the moon, great life events, menstruation, birth, death & coming of age. There were also deeper sacred rituals, where groups would gather to weave new intentions, create the magical, transform, vision & create. These people were deeply connected with the wisdom of the Earth and Skies. My soul has been called to walk this path, to guide and lead the way back to these ancient connections.

In today's society, we are caught in fruitlessly consuming on every level. We are hyperstimulated digitally and disconnected from nature~ as a consequence disconnected from our own true natures. Humanity is on the brink of bringing about massive challenges and changes through self-destruction. Its crucial that we come back together, into deep connection with each other and Earth consciousness, so that we might remember how to live in harmony in all ways.
One drop of water trying to inspire change is not nearly as effective as a wave of drops that come into right relationship with all that is.

Spirit has invited me to step up to this work, I am inspired to hold space and create a safe vessel for women to uncover-discover our raw, real, wild selves. Coming into a right relationship with Earth and all peoples.
Are you feeling called~
Do you have a deep yearning for sacred connection
Do you want to weave magic with other like-minded women
Are you ready to discover your wild self
Are you ready to be free
Are you ready to claim your own unique soul medicine?

Join me on a path of self-discovery and initiation to discover your souls path.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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