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This tier provides access to our premium content, our discussion and chat forums on Reddit where we are going to attempt to build a user community where people can ask an occasional short question [we have absolute discretion in deciding what a short question is] of our team and participate in interactive forums

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About aBIZinaBOXcannabis

Welcome to aBIZinaBOX's Patreon Center...let's answer the "what is this" by analogy to a "rug and tug" massage parlor...the Madam greets you and says...Happy Ending easy..." open kimono" for paying customer only.

The point being we share our content with everyone, it is our way of doing what we can to help the industry thrive in California. However, there is a portion of our content that has required substantial effort to produce, A substantial portion of the content you will find here is derived from the tools we use to deliver services to our firm's clients. Examples include:

Due Diligence Suite which consists of templates for gathering information to evaluate a cannabis business overall, and targeted focus on different types of businesses.

Whitepapers for new startup cannabis businesses walk through what needs to be done to set up a cannabis business to operate successfully.

Books and Records "Check Up" and "Buildout" initially create a diagnostic evaluation of recordkeeping and documentation. The second phase guides a cannabis business to create and retain required records. 

Our experience is that templates and "pre-packaged boilerplate" won't get a business very far. We have yet to discover a magical path the experience and expertise that comes with time. We refer to it as "horse sense" it is merely an experienced practitioner's intuitive insight to what works and what doesn't. We facilitate direct interaction between our Patrons and Firm Clients through submission of questions for a written response, small groups in our restricted subreddit or a one-on-one chat session with one of our professionals.

 Our Patrons and Firm Clients most often ask about: 

 The practical needs related to banking, card processing, and anti-money laundering issues applicable to this industry.

The complex processes relating to permitting, licensing as well as reporting and paying cannabis excise tax and gross receipts tax at the municipal and county level.

Implementing effective strategies for addressing the onerous impact of the limitation on the deduction of ordinary and necessary business expenses imposed by Internal Revenue Code §280E on businesses engaged in “trafficking”.

We want to be very clear in defining the differences in the visitors to our website and social media.

Guests - are anyone that chooses to visit our site, engage with our content, and hopefully use it to advance their business. We welcome guests as they are the broad industry community. 

Patrons - have made a financial outlay and a choice to access our tools, premium content and engage with other Patrons and our professionals. We share content and try to answer and respond to short questions we can answer off the top of our heads. 

Firm Clients - have engaged us to provide compliance, consultation, transactional and representation services. We place the success of our Firm Clients above just about everything we do. They rely on us for services and advice, and they pay out bills. They have a priority over Guests and Patrons for obvious reasons. 

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We REALLY want to see this community grow quickly.
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