is creating Max for Live devices, video tutorials, blogs and an online commu
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-Online Support: Join the AbletonDrummer Facebook group and ask your questions there!

-AbletonDrummer Max for Live devices: access all premium Max for Live devices created by me, which are especially designed for drummers using Ableton Live (+Max for Live) 

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All which is included in BASIC plus:

- 1h Skype/Zoom session - (one time not monthly, approx. 1h) with me to talk about your set up, goals and questions

- Access all AbletonDrummer MasterClass video courses 

that includes Ableton Drummer Vol.1, Velo2Midi CC and more

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All which is included in FULL but you just feel like you want to support my work and the community with more then 10USD. 

PLUS you will get life-time access to one video course of your choice. Just create an account here and let me know which course I should add you to!

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About AbletonDrummer

I am a musician and teacher for drumming and Ableton Live, I started focusing on using Ableton Live for drumming purposes a few years ago and decided to specialize and offer services on this topic, which I frame as 'AbletonDrummer' to show other drummers how to they can connect and expand their drumming skills with and into the world of digital. A lot of this is happening in a Facebook Community Group, which I set up for the purpose to connect people and share ideas, concepts and to have a place where beginners and advanced users can ask their questions in a 'low threshold' environment but with some of THE AbletonDrummer-Gurus being around in this group as well. Besides moderating this community I produce online video courses, blog, produce video tutorials and develop Max for Live devices.

A lot of people use my content and I helped a lot of people being able to express themselves in a musical and creative way, I love that people from all over the world got and get in contact with me and ask their questions, I m meeting some really great people through that and I get a lot of ideas and inspiration by those connections, but it is quite time consuming and I decided to set up this Patreon page to try if people are up for supporting this work by pledging for it.

This Patreon page is a test and I am not sure if it will suit for everyone and if it will hit a number in pledges which will make a big difference in numbers, but every donation is motivating me, giving me the feedback that this stuff I put out is for value for someone - which motivates me a lot! - So thx for that! If Patreon and/or monthly payments isn't your thing, you can always donate directly to my PayPal and or get in contact for other options.

You can book me for One-on-One online sessions (Skype/Zoom/Facebook) or ask me to develop Max for Live devices for you - just get in contact if you have questions about that.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
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