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Thank you for contributing to A Blue Hope Characters. With your contributions, we hope to build this into something as wonderful as the characters we create together!

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Have access to private Instagram account for Patrons with bi-weekly posts. New character ideas? A quiz to help make your character? Themes to make your character from? Characters made by me? You'll have to find out for yourself!


Access to email given only to Patrons of this tier or higher. I'll help bounce around ideas to help enhance a character you've almost or completely made. Need a juicy backstory for a character you just finished filling out the character sheet for? You know the name, class, and background, but haven't found the race that fits the bill for your character (or vice versa for any of those)? You have the character for the most part, but need help figuring out skills, spells, and equipment that pair nicely with them? That's what this email is for! I can help give you ideas at your convenience. Maybe once we're done creating your character, and you want to tell me how well (or not so well) they're doing. That's another reason this tier exists! 

- Help finish half-made characters

- Friendly correspondence to check up on your character

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  • Full character creating correspondence 

This is the tier where you need a character starting from scratch. Need ideas for a character? Have a rough idea, but having a hard time bring it to life? Not sure about D&D, but would like to know more through making a character? This is the tier for you. I'll help you make a character each month (If you continue in this tier), and I will check on how each of them are doing! If you go down to $5 Tier, I will still check in on the character(s) we made in $10 Tier. 

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Hello everyone! 
My name is Jesse Pickering, and I am in charge of A Blue Hope Characters: RPG Character Creation Consulting. I love creating new characters for RPGs, mostly Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. I have been creating characters in my spare time even though I will probably never use them in an actual role playing game (RPG), so why not help someone else make a character that will actually be used? I have found that some of my most loved characters that I've used in an actual session have been ones that I have created with someone. it's the whole "two heads (or more) are better than one". Sometimes, we want to create a character, but you can't find anyone to really help you out. Maybe it's because what you're thinking of goes beyond your friends' imagination or none of your friends play RPGs. Maybe you're that one friend who doesn't play, but would like to, but you're too embarrassed to ask for help in creating a character. Maybe you have one group, but this session, you want to surprise them with your character. That's where I come in! I help you make that character finally come to life. If I continue getting support, I can make your character come even more alive by having a friend commission an illustration of your character. You can see his art on Instagram with the handle @jakeshandyart . 

If I get enough patronage, maybe I'll make stretch goals? Possible cosplay of some of the characters we create together? Possibly venture away from just D&D 5e?

I thought this would be a good way of earning some money while pursuing my dream of acting in California. I am doing odd jobs like background acting, production assistant, and Postmates, but I thought this might be a little more fun and it benefits both of us. You get a fun character, and I keep my creative gears going, even when I'm not performing.
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If I get 25 Patrons, I will open up new tiers where I can have my friend illustrate your characters that we create together. On the Patron-only posts and Instagram, we can show off your character in all their illustrated glory!
You can check out his art via Instagram: @jakeshandyart
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