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About Abnormal Mapping

Welcome to the Abnormal Mapping podcast network Patreon! We're a network focused on media criticism and good shows from marginal creators. We've been putting out podcasts since 2013, and in 2017 decided that to expand our efforts we would launch the Patreon you see before you today. We exist entirely off of the support of our audience, and most of our shows wouldn't even exist without the efforts people have already made in supporting our network.

Not only are we a podcast network, but we've also attempted to make Abnormal Mapping into a community, be that through our network discord or our goal to provide no-cost hosting to other like-minded people who would desire to make a podcast of their very own (more on that later). We want to create the podcast network we want to see in the world, something curious and invested in queer and progressive criticism and bringing together others who want the same.

Who Are We, and Why Are We Here:
Abnormal Mapping was founded and is run by Em Marko and Jackson Tyler. We host and produce most of our shows, run the Patreon, write articles, and generally try to pretend like we're more than just the two of us. This is basically the equivalent of both of us having a part time job! We'd suggest not making your hobbies your work, but it's doing okay for us so far. We're also joined by an array of other hosts and co-hosts that give their time and energy to casts hosted on the network. It's hard to schedule shows, and we're thankful to the efforts of everyone who helps us make the shows we have, have had, and will potentially have in the future.

Our first year on Patreon has been incredible so far, as we've gone from just a video game podcast to an array of shows that all reflect our ethos of good, fun, accessible critical podcasts. There's a show for nearly every taste, and hopefully in the future there will be something for literally everyone.

The Shows
But what are the shows? Here are our extant shows!

Abnormal Mapping - Our flagship show! A game club podcast we specifically designed to be accessible to people who haven't been drowning in games culture for their entire lives. Every month, we play a game and do a close read on our experiences, it's context, and how it fits into games now looking back. All of our episodes are evergreen and disconnected from the hype cycle, so any episode can be your first episode! You can find Abnormal Mapping at thebestgame.club and a list of all the games we've covered can be found here.

Repertory Screenings - We love movies, even if going to the cinema to see the latest releases is often too expensive and too frustrating to do on the regular. So join Em, Jackson, and longtime third chair Destiny Sturdivant as we show up every two weeks to watch an old movie and learn a little more about this medium we call film. It's like an education, but way more friendly, because we also are new to this! Check it out at repertoryscreenings.com

Your Uncle's Beach House - When the Gundam podcast can't contain all the anime, sometimes we find ourselves talking about other shows that don't fit the mecha milieu of GGP, or we have a patreon-requested thing to cover. All of these find themselves in the Your Uncle's Beach House feed, which is free for everyone here, but also will just fold into the GGP feed if you listen to that!

Second Officer Slog - ON HIATUS We both love Star Trek, so much so that it was derailing our original podcast. Easy fix: let's make a Star Trek show! And so was born Second Officer Slog, a show about watching some episodes and reading one of the hundreds of Star Trek books and telling you just how far the final frontier goes when you're not on TV anymore. Allow us to be your guide through the ridiculous world of Star Trek fiction, no prior reading required. Comics, movie novelizations, awful short story collections? All can be found at startrekpodcast.space.

The Amory Score - The band Coheed and Cambria is known for two things: one, having a singer with a really high voice, and two, someone saying “do you know all their songs have a story?” every time someone mentions them. Have you ever wanted to learn what that story is? Never fear, Jackson and Molly break down the lore track by track, and it is as hilarious and terrible as you would think. Spoilers: two children are dead by the end of the first song. It only kicks off more from there. To embark upon the journey, and see select panels of the tie-in comic, then head to: ineedmayo.com

Novel Not New - Every month Jen UnkleSix Dettmar, and Em all gather in comfy chairs to talk through the most literary form of video games: the visual novel. The quieter sister of Abnormal Mapping, Novel Not New is a deep dive into a genre that gets very little coverage in the gaming circles we keep. We argue about anime tropes, reflect on who to date, and generally seek to find the endings that speak to our hearts. You can find Novel Not New at readinggames.online and see the games covered in our game gallery!

The Great Gundam Project - According to our calculations, there are 945 episodes of the long running anime franchise Mobile Suit Gundam. And guess what: Em and Jackson are going to watch every single one. Hitting every wednesday for any and all patreon subscribers, we watch two episodes of anime every week and break down our feelings on them for you all. Newcomers are taking the ride with us, and fans of Gundam are enjoying our hilariously incorrect theories in the face of not knowing forty years of lore. If you’re a Gundam fan, come on down to our discord and hang out in Gundam Spoilers, and join in on the dramatic irony.

What Was That About Free Podcast Hosting?
I'm glad you asked! We've been very fortunate to have Abnormal Mapping not only pay for itself but allow us to get a website good enough to support more shows than we have the physical capacity to produce. So we figured we would pay it forward and give people a place to put their podcasts that wouldn't cost any money and is reliable. Podcasting is a good populist medium that should be for everyone, but the one big cost is absolutely hosting on something that isn't archive.org, so we're happy to be the home for shows that need a place to stay, with nearly no strings attached.

If you'd think you'd have a good fit for our network, then click here for everything you need to know. If you clear the very light guidelines then we'd be more than happy to give you a space to host your show! We already have one great show, Fireside Friends, hosted by long-time friends of Abnormal Mapping Ryan Persaud, Allen Ibrahim, and Kaity Marie.

Anything Else?
Absolutely! Your money not only helps support the site and keep Em and Jackson housed and fed, it also gets you an array of great rewards. You can see the rewards in the side bar, but I'm happy to spell them out for you here too!

$1 (one dollar) - this gets you The Great Gundam Project, a weekly podcast where Jackson and Em watch all of Mobile Suit Gundam two episodes at a time and report back on how we feel about Spacenoid liberation and whether or not Gelgoogs are cool. We are already scheduled to be doing this podcast until 2026, when we'll undoubtedly begin a classic Dr Who show or something equally ludicrous (don't hold us to this). If you want a sample of The Great Gundam Project we have two free episodes for the beginning of Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam that you can find HERE and HERE.

$5 (five dollars) - every Saturday Jackson and Em trade off writing the Patreon Letters, a series of informal criticism, essays, and the odd bit of fiction about media and life. Previous topics have covered new games we'd never cover on Abnormal Mapping, living under late capitalism, discourse on Star Wars, and many other things besides. The odd Patreon Letter finds itself free on our Medium (you can see the ones released so far here), but we're proud of all of them and think they're writing worth supporting!

$10 (ten dollars) - we're launching a NEW PODCAST at this tier. People always say they enjoy our rapport as hosts and wish we'd just goof around and so we're bringing you VoIP Life! Once every two weeks we'll offer you things that hit the cutting room floor, good times goofing around on Skype, and other weird things that would never make our more formal shows. We've literally never interacted in person and thus our entire friendship has been over Skype and Slack and Discord, so we'll keep the microphones on a little longer and offer you the best dumb time we can mustre.

$20 (twenty dollars) - People love our podcasts. Some people love them so much they want to wear them, like a fur coat. If you're that person you can be on any of our podcasts for the low low cost of $20 a month for six months. We'll let you pick the podcast, pick the topic, and create on of our shows where you're our special guest or—if you're not comfortable podcasting—we talk about the thing you've set us on. This is an expensive tier, but we think our shows are worth it, and we have loved having every guest we've had on in the past.

And that's everything! Thank you so much for your consideration and your support, and we hope you get as much from our many shows as we get from producing them for you! 
$650 - reached! per month
The Abnormal Mapping Network will become a place where anyone can get their podcast published! Do you want a show? We'll make it real. Details coming very very soon.
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