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So glad you have found my Patreon page! Now that your here, let me introduce myself. My name is Abranda Icle Flaminio (Yes I know it is a mouth full!) If you're interested, you can find more information about me and my work at www.abrandaicle.com.  I am an artist specializing specifically in the fantasy illustration and portrait art genres. 

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What is art to me?
I believe art is an evolving and growing passion that takes an artist through many different developmental stages in their life. I create whimsical and romantic illustrations based on my relationships and feelings predominantly in digital, watercolor, and graphite mediums. I create art inspired  by my children wrapped up in whimsical and spiritual motherly joy.

I have three beautiful children who all have a passion for art and I want to be able to inspire them to develop their talents and have the confidence to be whatever they want to be. They are my muses and inspiration. 
So why am I on Patreon?
I knew from an early age that being an artist was what I wanted to do. With Patreon support I'm hoping to get word out and prove to myself and my children that it is possible to follow and realize your dreams. 

What is my motivation? 
I want to wake up every morning and paint something! I want to bring my joys and my passions for fairy tales and romantic stories to life and share them with the world! And I want my kids to see how following your dreams is possible and to never hold back. 

What do I do and where am I headed?
Currently I am working in the digital genre and working to improve my skills there. But I miss my watercolors dearly.  Once I have a studio set up where I can keep my 3 year old son from taking my works and making them into his own masterpieces, I will likely go back to painting traditionally. I was mainly focused on portrait art in 2018. 2019 is looking to be more focused in a more spiritual and self discovery direction. I would truly like to define myself more as a story teller. I have always loved high fantasy art and truly wish to develop my style and branch out to create full illustrative projects.  I am still highly attached to whimsical and romantic themes, as well as spiritual mythology. 

What am I currently working on?
I am working to find my true artistic voice. I want to develop a true sense of myself and my passions in my work that is definite and easily distinguishable as "Abranda's Work." 
For that I want to develop my skills through some project based works.
Below is a list of projects I plan to start in the next year:
1. Halo Angel Series
2. Coloring Book of Fairies
3. Discovery Series - Exploration my inner self and the strength I find in being a women and mother.

If you cannot Pledge but still want to show your support, you can also keep up with me on Instagram @abrandaicle and on Facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your support! I look forward to taking you with me on my journey!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts

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