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Hi we are Absolem Max

Some of us are making music together for more than ten years now. We are, composers, producers, photographers, graphic designers, organizers and much more. Most of all, we are lovers of music. We travel the globe, meet fine people, jam, party and write songs about it.

Now we invite you to join our journey.

Receive all sorts of exclusive content, discounts and gadgets by becoming a patron. Join a group of likeminded, beautiful and awesome people. Enter into dialogue with us. Shape our next release with your ideas and critic.

All we ask in return is a monthly donation you’re comfortable with.
If you don’t have much: no worries. Every dime matters! You can change the amount at any time, or even just grab a sweet reward for one month and then cancel the patreonage. No judgement from our site. Promised!

Your support ultimately enables us to create more content for you. The more money we reliably get from you, the less time we need to spend with shitty day-jobs. We can worry less about our bills and care more for handmade and honest music.

Thanks so much for your help!
Stay funky. Peace
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One thousand dollars! 

This proves that the whole patreon thing can actually work for us <3

We'll celebrate our first goal by creating a special T-Shirt design and make it available to everyone who helped us getting here for production+shipping costs only.
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