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 Access to my patron only art blog! This is where I will be dumping-  

  • Weekly blogs on advice, struggles, techniques, travels, new inspirations, tips & tricks, art supply reviews, goals, and anything inbetween! These things are the stuff that I want to post on social media but don't really have a place for. Im super excited to start this section! *huzzah!*
  • YT Video Vote select your favorite topics through polls for what kind of video content you want to see on my Youtube channel!
  • Instagram 'close friends' stories access for more behind the scenes on works in progress through Instagram!

Just want to say thank you! 

For just a dollar you're giving me the time to continue to create content! It means so much to me!


Patron Exclusive Sketch Club!
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Access to the Bad Cat Sketch Club Discord where you can do monthly challenges and get critiqued by club members and I! Or just hang out and chat with with the Bad Cats.

-Community critiques and challenges

-Exclusive hangout to build friendships

-Allow me to critique your work and suggest areas of improvement

Includes Discord benefits
Patron Only Mini Prints!
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Receive 1 new 4"x6" print each month! This size is exclusive to my patrons! You have a chance to get prints of some of my favorite paintings or new paintings, only done for Patreon!  There will be a poll each month of potential concepts that you can vote for too!

Note: Prints are shipped out on the last day of the month. Domestic takes about a week, international shipping could take up to 3 weeks. 

If you're looking for an affordable way to collect my prints, look no further!
  • Plus all previous rewards!
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Welcome to my Patreon page!

'Come inside and have a lil' cup of tea'

Hi, I'm Ama!

You may also know me as Absolute Ama, across my various social media platforms! I'm a pop surreal artist/mom who is currently residing in Northern California. I enjoy uploading my creations and to help inspire and motivate others to pick up that paintbrush again and pursue those artist dreams!

Why Patreon?

A lot of people often ask me for tutorials, process videos, general art help, and art business-related questions all across my various platforms. While I enjoy talking to everyone about these things, it takes a lot of time to do so. As of now, picking up a second job is in my sight but would heavily restrict my time even more from my passion of motivating fellow artists and progressing in my own art skills.
Having to get a second job, would leave me with no choice but to set my career as an artist aside, and focus on bringing in enough money for bills.

If I were to receive $1 from say, 100 people, I would have $100 extra to go towards my art and a piece of mind to continue to create. Now imagine 1000 people? $1 goes a long way, believe it or not!

I want to be able to chat with you about all sorts of art-related things, insider scoop on 'the day in the life of an artist/entrepreneur,' and just general art tips, to help you jump start your art skills and I feel like Patreon will allow me to have the time and space to do that!

What do I hope to achieve on Patreon?

Your pledges will help me- 
  • Purchase art supplies and pay for my art studio rent
  • AND give me the time and mental space to focus on creating
By subscribing to me for as little as $1 a month, you can provide me with the resources to improve and continue making paintings and videos for you, as well as gaining access to awesome rewards and insider sneaky-peeks!
Honestly, it's a win-win situation!
With all that said, can't wait for you to join my exclusive community! Thank you for stopping by and hope to see ya' around! :D

If you're unable to commit to any of the monthly tiers, but would like to support me through other ways-
|| Ko-Fi || Shop || AmazonWishlist || 
Liking/commenting/sharing my works through my various social media is also highly appreciated! You can find me on these platforms-
|| Instagram || Twitch || Twitter || ArtStation ||


P.S. -Any amount helps and means SO much to me! Thank you! And not to worry, if you aren't able to pledge at this time, you support in general means the world to me! 

  • Certain rewards will be issued at the end of each month depending on the tier. This ensures that payments have been processed and gives me enough time to create and ship the goods! 
  • You can cancel and/or edit your pledge at any time! No hard feelings, I promise! :)
  • If you want to remain anonymous on the tiers that give shout outs or credits you in my video, please let me know. I respect your privacy :D
$838 of $1,000 per month
The god-tier lol This is a HUGE dream of mine-
  • As a token of my gratitude- I will LIVE stream my signature cringe-worthy victory dance and end it by smashing my face into a cake. I will have balloons and all that great shizz because WHY NOT?! So let's get our booty shakin' on and celebrate this HUGE milestone! You down? Let's do this! :D
If I reach $1000 a month consistently, not only can my Patreon now become my part-time job, I would also be able to invest in creating without the constant thought of dropping everything and getting a part-time job due to financial insecurity which is a thought I battle with on a daily basis. So smashing my face into a cake and doing some booty-shakin' dances will be well worth it!

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