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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!  Briefly I'm going to try and convince you why I need the support of all music lovers alike, and why helping me put out more, better music is worth your time.  As a being who wades in the dynamic ocean of vibrations like a child with a library of physics literature that is read through the body, a place where it is best understood, and as the lone atom, my heart, reaches out into the abyss of space, pulling at each gravitational field one by one, until at last a resonance struck draws in the electron sparking the invitation for more connections in the hopes for a chain reaction like no other, I am endlessly drawn into the art of music, and endlessly drawn to create music from the core of my being.  Music that I make.  Music that is me. 

During the entire process of my music creation, from the moment the thought is conceived, to writing it, to recording, to editing, to mixing, to mastering, and finally to the universe, I often employ this important philosophy: If I don't feel as though this truly represents an aspect of who I am, I won't use this.  Sometimes I think a piece I create does represent me when in fact I've fooled myself for one reason or another.  The beauty about truth is that it will always become known, and I believe that is one law of the universe.  I try to embody this belief when I attempt to bind myself to the physical nature of music, and it allows me the opportunity of experiencing touching moments like when after I play a gig, a stranger or friend may come up to me in disbelief and shock at their transcendence into the emotional realm.  Or other moments when I feel as if all is lost, I'll play myself a song written by somebody who wrote while experiencing dark, abysmal isolation, like the space-fetus at the end of Stanley Kubrick's 2000: A Space Odyssey, and I will cry until there are no more tears left, and heal because of it.  Because of the suffering that person endured I am able to express my personal suffering and mend.  It's slightly morbid if you think about it, and it oddly resembles the story of Jesus Christ's sacrifice. 

If there's anything I don't want you to take from this, it's that I think I'm special and worth it because of my uniqueness.  I do however want you to understand the literal blood, sweat, tears that goes into my craft.  Are my songs good?  I don't know, but I never wanted to sound good for the sake of sounding good.  I'm in fact getting choked up even now while writing this because I've lost a lot of people close to me from living this way, and I have lost an amount of my humanity and mental health for the sake or my music, not as some martyr, but as somebody who truly cannot live any other way and be whole enough to feel human.  I guess you could say I'd rather live as myself and suffer throughout than lead an entire life void inside of a shell.  I'm afraid to love, speak my mind, express myself.  I do it because that fear is an oppressor.  I'm also afraid to ask for help from anybody no matter how close, and this is indeed me asking for help.

As of winter of 2019, I learned that my home of over half a decade will  be sold, andI'm not ready.  It appears that I have until spring 2020 to find myself a new place to live. Last month while doing some file cleaning, sweeping, organizing, I realized that I had written and often recorded a song nearly every month over the last 6 years.  Through every heart break, bad drug trip, raising my dog, learning the piano, learning how to produce, the rise and fall of my band, the conversations shared with other musicians and writers alike, all of it was recorded in some way.  I realized I had all of this material sitting there collecting dust, and I decided that I need to put it all to use and finish what I started, with dedicated time and care for each process, until it is what I want it to be, no exceptions.

I'm happy to finally announce that the very first Abstract Peace/Keith Perreault album will be released in spring 2020, and is well under way!  I've put hundreds of hours into it's production since my realization of the wealth available to me.  And I am giving it to you for free, to download, stream, whatever you want.  Money isn't involved in its release.

If money isn't involved, why do you need a Patreon?
   In order for me to ensure quality of music, there are a few things I need to buy, so I'm going to be completely transparent about it.  This is what %100 of your patronage will go towards.

-Sub Monitor Repair (I currently can't truly mix the low sub frequencies because something on my monitors board has shorted and I need to take it to a specialist)
-Coffee and CIgarettes (I don't think I could do this without that crutch right now)
-Any immediate/emergency software needs (this refers to sample librarys, virtual instruments and dynamics adjustment plugins)
(Yes I am willing to starve for this)
-Peace of mind in order to reduce stress in this current time of important creation and delicate transition.  This refers to moving expenses mostly, and coffee and cigarettes.

Will there be anything in it for me?  If you're giving your music away, shouldn't I just wait for it to be released?
As my patron, you'll be granted exclusive access to a private folder which will contain early access material, pre-mixed songs still in the making both in lossless quality and mp3, and you will be credited on the album with a special thank you in writing and signed by me.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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