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About Absurd Heroine

Hello Internet!

My name is Absurd Heroine and I make Magic the Gathering Arena videos!  I'm a chill player whose been into Magic for most of my life, but I still make plenty of mistakes and just laugh them off.  You can join me for a few videos every week, usually drinking wine or whiskey, building and playing decks that are not your standard MTG fare.

My Youtube channel, Absurd Heroine, launched in May of 2019, so it's all still very new, but I do have plans to up the amount of content, and start streaming eventually!  I also love Let's Plays so I might make a few of those here and there if people like them.

Some day, quite possibly many years from now, my dream is to transition this into my full-time job.  You, dear viewer, can join me in my journey to make that a reality!

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