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By tipping me once a month you are telling me you want me to spend more time creating RPG content for you all. This helps me do that! I'll not that dues to the whole tax thing, $2 a month is more effective than $1 a month, but feel free to donate whatever you like!

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About Academic Foxhole

Hi! I'm TrooperSJP and I'm a streamer, gamer, game master, musicologist, and nerdy academic.

So what is this Patreon all about? I love RPGs. I started playing and GM'ing back in 1983 with the D&D Red Box. Since then I've travelled all around the RPG block. I've done my best to learn as many styles and systems as possible. At the moment, I'm streaming video games twice a week on my own Twitch channel, and running RPGs weekly on my channel and playing RPGs on a few different other channels on Twitch. 

What does your support do?
I am running RPGs on my stream. Currently, City of Light and Shadow, a FATE French Resistance Campaign, once a week, with breaks in-between seasons where I'll do some one/short shots like Cthulhu Confidential. I think it is important to pay these casts with of the main game as well as pay for overlays, music, props, etc. I am paying for that out of my own pocket. Your becoming a Patreon helps me pay that cast and get the best cast for the shows! Because I'm committed to paying the casts of the main show, your Patreon support makes this possible, it means I pay less out of pocket.  And hey, maybe I'll be able to add some vlogs...if I can, your support will go for that as well!

So if you'd like to be a patreon, I'd appreciate it. If you can't at the moment? Then I'd be happy to see you during the streams or on our discord!
$176.17 of $400 per month
This is the cost to pay (poorly) a cast of four players for a weekly RPG show, not including me. I am current running a weekly RPG show, even though we haven't hit this goal yet. But if we can get to this level then funds don't come out of my pocket! If we can break this? Maybe I can get paid! 
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