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You're in the club! You get access to the patron-only activity feed where I'll be telling you what I'm up to, how the next project is going, and sharing random musings. And you'll ...

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MP3s for life?? Okay first off, you're helping TWICE AS MUCH as that other crowd. Give yourself a pat on the back. Second, every time I release a new video your activity feed will ...

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More MP3's and YouTube cred! You get what those over-$2 folks got, plus mp3's of all my A Capella Science 2 songs as well! Plus your name will be in the dooblydoo of every A Capell...

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Come hang out! Check your feed for access to a Google hangout that I will do shortly following every official A Capella Science video! Watch the live stream and comment questions, ...

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Poster! When you sign up at this level, you'll get sent a free Bohemian Gravity poster!

+ Patron-Only Activity Feed
+ All MP3's
+ Your name in the dooblydoo
+ Access to the post-video hangout

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Your name in my video! For as long as you're a supporter at this level, your name will appear in the end-screen of every one of my videos! And like the $25 folks, you'll get a free...

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Reserved Google hangout spot! Join me via webcam for my post-video hangout, and you can ask questions and take part in the conversation, live and face-to-virtual-face! Maybe you ca...

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Musical Science Grand Poobah. For as long as you're sponsoring me at this level, you are His/Her Royal Majesty, The Most Esteemed Musical Science Grand Poobah. You get everything f...