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is creating online tools for correct pronunciation in foreign languages

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About Accent Hero

Hi Friends,

Accent Hero is a project for those trying to push their pronunciation in a foreign language to the next level. Accents are surprisingly hard to master for many for us, and there're at least several  reasons for that:
1. Psychology - the way our brains perceive our own voice is different from how we perceive others. That's why own voice often sounds funny when we listen to recordings where we speak.
2. Phonetics are rarely taught well in language schools in classes, so even basics, such as knowing what symbols of International Phonetic Alphabet mean are mastered by a small fraction of language learners.
3. Physiology - most foreign languages have at least one or two sounds that rare in others. Moreover, mastering pronunciation of those sounds can require using muscles that you are not used to. As you can guess building muscles takes time and a lot of repetition.

At the moment, our Accent Hero consists of two subprojects:
1) An online service with pronunciation exercises for four dialects: American English, British English, German and Russian. We'd love to add new languages and dialects, but need your support for that.
1) A Youtube channel for American English in which we publish videos helping to learn pronunciation and grow vocabulary. We'd like to add additional channels for new dialects, but need your support.

Thank you for your support!

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